Monthly Evangelism Message

As a member of this church family I have both experienced and observed the blessings of the fruits of the spirit. To name a few – love, joy, kindness and goodness to one another abounds within and outside our church walls. May we continue to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and do our heavenly Fathers will.

In 2019 our “Family Life Center” became a reality for our church. What a blessing!

I would like to express thanks to each one who assisted with our Evangelism outreach in the Christmas parade. Many hands prepared 450 bags of candy with information about our worship services included. There were around 20 walkers and float riders. An extra special thanks to Cheyenne Green and Jan Green who planned, provided transportation and decorated the float assisted also by Sara Smith.

In 2020 may we each rededicate our lives to regularly gathering around God’s word, in the fellowship of other believers, and partake of Holy Communion. As our faith deepens we will be inspired by the Holy Spirit to share the “good news” and invite family and f

See you in church this Sunday!

Marilyn Kirk,

Evangelism Director