Monthly Evangelism Message



Before we take our first steps into the year “2019”, I would like to look back a bit to “2018”. We ended November with the Garms Family concert. It was a special evening filled with beautiful voices that sang God’s praises. Next was the Christmas parade in December. A silhouette of a cowboy with his head bowed before the cross was at the front of the float. The Nativity scene, with our Redeemer children, was at the back of the float. A special thank you to the 16 people who participated in the parade, plus others who helped by filling 400 bags of candy and preparing 300 plus booklets about Jesus’ birth that were handed out on the parade route. A special thanks to Cheyenne Green for providing the truck and trailer for our float.

Keep watching for more to come in our “2019” evangelism outreach ministry! I am happy to say that more of our Redeemer members are on board to assist with ideas and projects to continue our outreach program.

May we each rededicate our hearts and minds to being in the Word of God, faithful attendance in Sunday school and worship services, and receiving the sacrament in the fellowship of our Redeemer family.


                                                                   See you in church this Sunday!

                                                                                                 Marilyn Kirk,

                                                                                     Evangelism Director