Monthly Evangelism Message

 “An Invitation”

Within our church members gather around word and sacrament in the fellowship of other believers. Included in our church family are some of our friends and family are unable to attend because of a decline in their health.

Around four years ago I began to visit one of our members who lives in a retirement home. It didn’t take long for us to become friends. She shared with me how dependent she has been on God throughout her life and how God has provided for her and her family. She speaks for forgiveness and looking for the good in people. Her words touch my heart and inspire me. She is a powerful witness for Christ. In the beginning you visit and may think you are giving. In the end it is a mutual blessing for each of us. We talk and laugh often.

Is there someone you know in our church family or others who are homebound who would welcome a visit from you? Please consider setting aside some time to visit with them.

We are blessed to be a blessing for others during our faith journey on earth until we enter eternity!

                                                                                                 Marilyn Kirk,

                                                                                     Evangelism Director