Monthly Thoughts from Pastor Fred Naumann



Pastor Fred Naumann


The names define so that we might comprehend. So, it profits to recall and reflect upon the names.

The names of sin describe the rebellious act. Envision the pictures behind sin, lawless, disobedience, transgression, fault and debt.

What does it mean to me that Jesus is termed: Lord, Teacher, Bread, Lamb of God, Light and Good Shepherd. (You continue the list.)

The terms of salvation describe the glorious deliverance. Determine the pictures behind salvation, redemption, reconciliation, adoption and Savior. Use your Bible dictionary to help you understand these concepts.

Read around in Psalms to find out how a believer FEELS. Read around in Proverbs to find out what a believer THINKS. Such meditation enlightens the mind to direct the heart. Such information comes from that one collection of Books, the Bible. Wander far without it, and the ground becomes soft, the vision muddy, the outlook dreary, the goal murky and His child becomes a sickly sinner-saint messenger. Nourish the soul and the life becomes radiant, purposeful, vibrant and reflective of the Lord and Savior.

Live one day at a time. Write a list of things to do in a day and then number those items according to importance. Begin with the most important item. You might not finish the list by the end of the day, but you have worked on the most important items.

Hebrews 13:5 He said, "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee" is even stronger when translated to bring out the tenses and five negatives of the nine words in Greek. A translation might be: “He has said once and for all time, "No, from you yourself I will never be loosened, and no, no never will I leave you behind."