Monthly Thoughts from Pastor Fred Naumann




Pastor Fred Naumann


Might we discredit our scholarship when we mention the power and wisdom evident in the creation, but fail recognize to the humor?


Big barks from little dogs.


The child finally seems to become an adult two weeks before marriage.


The older you get, the older you need to get to become old.


Mornings are placed so close to night; time moves more quickly on weekends.


Birds begin to sing about ten minutes before you want to wake up. They sing louder on Saturday.


Plants require attention, while weeds can grow between cracks in concrete.


Thunder coming after lightening is like blowing the horn after the crash.


Kids want to cut the grass when they can't and don't want to when they can.


Goodies are either illegal, fattening or too expensive.


The walk of a duck, a bulldog's face, the frog's song, freckles, the neck of an owl and mud provide sufficient evidence of divine humor.


Remembering God's sense of humor eases the stress, relieves the strain, uplifts the down-trodden and sustains the hopeful.