Monthly Thoughts from Pastor Fred Naumann

A Prayer

by Pastor Fred Naumann

Dear Lord… Thank you for loving us… redeeming us… bringing us into your family now and forever- - - -- May we ever, always and daily search the Bible to know You more fully and love You more dearly and follow You more nearly - - - - - - -

Hold us together in families. And as family bless and strengthen Moms and Dads to be Your servants to Your children in their care. Keep their union strong and healthy. Bless the young to be wise. May the old be young at heart and spirit. May their hurts be bearable, and their lonesomeness warmed by memories. May they have thoughtful friends who remember them and neighbors who stop to chat or phone.

Let folks be happy we are here and remember us when we leave. Help them find a home, a job, and a car.

Grant us a spirit of loving concern, kindness, gentleness in our so callous and often cruel, thoughtless society. Be with us in every situation, every sadness, every joy, every failing, and every victory. May You be first and foremost in our sight, thoughts, and hearts.

Let us use our gifts for one another in a selfless, self-giving. Let us live life Your way being confident it is the best way. Let others see You in us. Bless our work, efforts, leisure, fun and games. Let us greet the new day with vigor and delight.

May our sick be blessed with new health (those we now mention ----) Make them strong in trust and spirit… and if it be Your will, in body. Lord be our guest… our mighty Friend… our gracious Father here, now, and forever. Amen.