Monthly Thoughts from Pastor Fred Naumann






Pastor Fred Naumann


Jesus changed 150 gallons of water into wine at Cana (John 2) and taught us several truths.


(1) Jesus saved the day for a nameless couple. Wedding customs change with time. Today the wedding celebration lasts one day and is followed by a honeymoon trip. In New Testament times, the ceremony was followed with days of feasting. The couple and their friends would live like kings for as long as they could afford. Afterwards, life might be a very difficult hand-to-mouth existence. So, although their names would be lost, because of Jesus, this couple's wedding party would be remembered for the abundance and excellent quality of wine.


There are so many nameless people in the life of Jesus. There are two nameless ones raised from the dead. Nameless blind and lame men. Nameless multitudes fed from a nameless boy's lunch. The fact of the matter is that they and their names are unimportant. What is important is what the Lord does to them. So, it would be wise to assume that there will be countless nameless saints who reached out in the name of this Lord to touch and change people's lives.


(2) The nameless couple and the disciples had a glimpse of glory. They were taught (as are we) that the power of God begins to operate at that point when human power is unable to produce. God's power moves in and among people with a quiet, powerful, unseen surge causing men to change and make them able to do what they thought impossible. Peter will cringe and deny Jesus before a young maiden and yet, eight weeks later he will condemn thousands in Jerusalem and 72 men of the supreme court (Acts 2 & 4).


(3) There are some who have a name in history only because they came into contact with Jesus. Otherwise, Zacharias and Elizabeth, Simeon and Anna, Mary and Joseph, all of the disciples, Lazarus and his sisters Martha and Mary, and even Pilate, Barabbas and Judas would have been forgotten and lost in the sands of time.


Jesus comes as a working guest Who, knowing our needs, causes little "miracles" to happen. Come Lord Jesus....