Pastor Fred Naumann

Revelations 5:12 “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power, wealth, wisdom, might, honor, and glory and blessing.” Jesus has 7 sources to comfort us.

1. POWER - He can carry out His purpose to heal, help, free or halt anyone or anything.

2. WEALTH - He has the resources to carry out His promises.

3. WISDOM – Jesus knows the future and always provides correctly. The commandments of God are not mere restrictions but guideposts for successful living, the rule, curb and mirror for humans.

4. STRENGTH – Jesus is not a power among powers, but the POWER beyond all powers combined. He can cope with and overcome any and all situations.

5. HONOR – Even agnostics admit the relevancy of Bible codes. Turned off church members are never turned off with Jesus.

6. GLORY – This attribute is solely restricted to God. Jesus is Lord and God.

7. BLESSING – Jesus is the greatest blessing to man. Jesus is the greatest Giver of blessings. So here is a passage of praise…thanksgiving…faith…hope…and confidence. By the way, just in passing, notice how consistently the Bible uses so few words to express so much.

We will continue to publish the articles that Pr. Fred had graciously sent to the office throughout the rest of the year.