Thoughts from Pastor Naumann



Pastor Fred Naumann


Now I would be the first to consider our world to be wonderful. However, I would have volunteered had a Creation Group  been formed.

Here are some of my suggestions:

Babies would have handles and Mothers would have 3 hands.

The volume of the voice would be controlled by the amount of wisdom the words contained. (I wonder how many teachers would whisper.)

Every week would have 2 Fridays. Every even week would have no mornings.

The medical profession would have legible penmanship and time to talk. Patients would be paid for waiting.

Vegetables would taste as good as deserts. Deserts would have the calories of vegetables.

Brains would halt word or deed which result in tomorrow’s regret.

Monkeys would pay people to come to watch them.

One could exchange some tomorrows for yesterdays. One could relive a day of the past instead of one in the future.

One would never forget that God is Father and because of the doing and dying of Jesus, Father is constantly with His child.

You can add more if you want to.