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Board of Elders

Chairman: Denis Nelson

The Board of Elders exhibit strong Christian principles, are committed to Bible study and prayer, have a concern for the souls of the members of the congregation, and express a sincere willingness to serve in this capacity (Acts 6:1-5; 1 Timothy 3; and Titus 1:1-9); They assist in matters pertaining to the public worship and spiritual welfare of the congregation, with particular concern for keeping the worship and communion attendance of the members of the congregation at a high level.  Elders promote the devotional life of the members of the congregation and are available as needed to assist the directors of the areas of ministry in the congregation.  They also oversee the employment of any person or persons employed to work for the congregation in its office, delegating daily supervision of such worker or workers to the Pastor.

ZONE 1 – Lindel Stephens: Anderson – Garrett

ZONE 2 – John Belcher: Gibson – Lee

ZONE 3 – Tom Stanley: Loersch – Purcell

ZONE 4 – Joe Kays: Ramm – Smith

ZONE 5 – Denis Nelson: Smock - Wilson