Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The CADDS Survey provides a snapshot of the stage of development that a congregation is experiencing. Thank you for giving your feedback on the ministry happening at Redeemer. Our goal for taking this CADDS survey is to provide a starting point for us to improve the health and wellbeing of the congregation. Keep in mind that this survey is a point of reference, not a grade or judgment of our congregation. Below is some additional information about modules that LCMS offers as follow-up to the CADDS Survey.

Module 1: Serving in God’s Mission: Strategic Planning for Congregations(addresses Viability, Adaptability, Unity, Vision)

Serving in God’s Mission (SGM) is a strategic planning resource for your congregation. SGM addresses several vitality factors and is a valuable tool for any congregation at any stage of development/decline. SGM builds on widely used strategic planning tools through a consensus-based strategic planning process that is tailored to meet the needs of Lutheran congregations.

Module 2: Members of One Body: Prospering in the Body of Christ (addresses Viability, Incorporation)

Members of One Body (M1B) focuses on helping members have a sense of belonging in the congregation (assimilation) and finding a role in the mission of the congregation according to their gifts, abilities, and interests (incorporation). Through the process of “Join-Belong-Prosper,” M1B goes beyond surveys, inventories, and databases to help people make meaningful contributions to the congregation’s mission and find their places in the body of Christ. M1B is currently in an early stage of testing. Congregations will soon be able to make use of the M1B resources through beta testing.

Module 3: Shepherding Our Strays: Actively Serving Our Inactive Members (addresses Inactives)

Shepherding Our Strays (SOS) addresses the “Inactives” factor by helping your congregation effectively engage your inactive members with care and compassion. SOS equips a team of concerned members with a practical process and useful tools for engaging short-term and long-term inactive member with the desired outcome of restoration. SOS makes use of the LASSIE approach to witnessing from the Every One His Witness, so it is helpful if workshop participants have completed training in Every One His Witness prior to the SOS workshop.

Connect to Disciple: Engaging the Nonchurched People in Our Community (addresses Community, Outreach)

Connect to Disciple (CTD) addresses the “Outreach” factor by helping your congregation invite, welcome, and receive people from outside the Church. CTD equips congregational leaders and members with an outreach process (Build Awareness-Create Connections-Nurture Relationships-Make Disciples) and supporting tools to develop intentional outreach pathways.

The LCMS has made these modules available to their congregations to help them continue to strengthen their Word and Sacrament Ministry all throughout the world. The Church Council and the Elders are going to be deciding which modules we should use and how soon we can start them. I am looking forward to using these tools to strengthen our mission impact in our community for years to come.

In His Hands, Pastor Ryan Honeycutt