Pastor's Corner

Pastor’s Corner

Psalm 24 reminds us that all aspects of our creation belong to the Lord.  He is the one who spoke everything into existence, who redeemed us through the sacrifice of Christ, and who sent His Spirit to dwell within us as the body of Christ. 

1 The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it,

the world, and all who live in it;

2 for he founded it on the seas

and established it on the waters.

          I am glad that as a church we had stored up some savings to help pay down the principal of the mortgage on the new Family Life Center.  $120,000 is a great blessing to pay down the loan amount.  And it took several years to build up that savings in our general fund.  I am proud of how we have pulled together to work on the rebuilding of the Church campus.  We have 6 new classrooms, a fantastic kitchen, a wonderful nursery, great offices, and we will have a brilliant library and conference room.  It is time for us to look for new opportunities for ministry in the campus that the Lord has blessed us with.

          How can we use our Family Life Center to the fullest?  We will be having Adult Bible Class in the Fellowship Hall once the sound acoustical panels get installed.  We have classrooms for Sunday School, and group meetings and Bible Studies.  We have seen an increase in our Confirmation program, and it is wonderful meeting in the classrooms that we built for that very reason, to help teach God’s Word and build disciples.  There will be opportunities to engage more in our community.  Maybe you have an idea, or a desire to start another ministry opportunity.  Share it with me.  How can we best use the resources God has entrusted to us?  It will take all of us to reach our full potential of impact on our community.  We have been called to be Christ’s witnesses in our community, as individual believers but also as the body of Christ. 

          I am excited about restarting the German Dinner this October 11th, when I was at Big Tent Day at RSU this past week, our members were approached about our German Dinner and when it would be coming back.  The same kind of interest was expressed at last year’s Roger’s County Fair table.  We have made an impact with decades of serving our German Dinners, and I am looking forward to working together as we continue to expand our impact on Claremore and the surrounding communities. 

          Over the summer, attendance and offerings have been lower, but I am confident that as we get back from vacations and traveling since school is back in session that our ministry will be getting stronger again.  The Word and Sacrament ministry that we are doing needs your continued support of your prayers, your time, your talents and gifts. 

We will be distributing our Time and Talents Commitment Cards to get those volunteer lists to our ministry team leaders.  This is an exciting time as we begin our first year of ministry with our new Family Life Center now open and ready for ministry.  My hope and prayers are that we listen to wherever God is calling us to serve. And then we act with the confidence that our faith gives us. So that we can continue to shine brightly as the light of Christ.


In His Service,

Pastor Ryan Honeycutt