April 9, 2024, 1:00 PM



Lutherans began gathering in Claremore at least 102 years ago – in 1922. At least 9 pastors from Bartlesville, Chelsea, Tulsa, Sand Springs, Broken Arrow, and Nowata came to lead worship in Claremore from 1922 to 1949. Nowadays we would call such an arrangement a “mission station” or “preaching station.” Finally, after 27 such years, in March of 1949, the congregation known as Redeemer Lutheran was recognized as a congregation of the then 25-year-old Oklahoma District as well as The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and extended a call for its own pastor. More about him and more history is coming as the coming months unfold. So, although Lutheranism in Claremore predated it, with March 1949 as when Redeemer Lutheran was formally organized, that makes this our 75th anniversary year.

The 75th anniversary is a diamond anniversary. Isaiah 62:3 includes the glorious promise: “You shall be…a royal diadem in the hand of your God.” Since a royal diadem would likely include diamonds (as the one Queen Elizabeth II wore did), we might claim those inspired words through Isaiah for Israel about being a diadem or diamonds for ourselves. But we are well aware that any such lofty claim for ourselves is possible only because of what our Lord makes us and calls us by His amazing grace toward us.

For the purposes of today, note that just short of 30 years after the chartering of Redeemer Lutheran – in late 1978 – came its fifth called pastor – the Rev. Albert F. Quoss – a then young man. He remained Redeemer’s pastor for nearly 20 years – until 1998. Pastor Quoss was Redeemer’s longest serving pastor across these 75 years, and here was the longest pastorate in his pastoring career, which has spanned to now from June,1974 – a full 50 years.

Now some might note such milestones during Pastor’s time at Redeemer as the building of this sanctuary in 1983 (which took 2 starts due to a violent summer thunderstorm), the addition of a new organ, and the opening of the Treasury Learning Center preschool. But we know that what was truly significant about the nearly two decades of Pastor Quoss’ time here was the service to souls he provided – with confirmations, Lord’s Suppers, funerals, visitations, and baptisms – including those in such families as Ramm, Roberts, his own family, Space, Hendrix, Rogers, Colpitt, Willcutt, Massman, Hagert, Stephens, and Kriewall, and more.

So, in this 75th anniversary year of Redeemer Lutheran, we pause on this Sunday, honored to be able to celebrate with Pastor Albert Quoss and his family 13 this 50th anniversary in ministry milestone and celebrate being “a royal diadem in the hand of your God” (Is. 62:3).